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Resulting from its rapid growth in the US market, this confidential pharmaceutical client relocated to new space on all four floors of a Princeton NJ-area office building. This move presented an opportunity to develop a new workplace planning strategy. Granum A/I was tasked with re-envisioning their new office as a valuable business tool more adaptable to change and the needs of an evolving staff demographic. Working closely with this client's facilities and real estate group the design team defined a program for the office that leverages current thinking in workplace strategies while incorporating their company's unique culture.

Whereas the client's previous office comprised a significant percentage of large closed offices supplemented by open workstations and traditional conference rooms, their new office provides space types for many different activities. Special project suites, heads down areas, open collaborative space, and areas that can be reconfigured as needed by the user provide staff the ability to find the right space to support their work as needs change throughout the day.

With a goal of establishing a central hub of activity, the design team created a series of new floor openings and a custom-designed stair as a means of connecting teams on adjacent floors. Notable for its fully cantilevered blackened bronze treads and intermediate landings, the stair is an engineering feat. A winding internal ribbon of oak panels provides concealed support for the stair treads while a custom-designed light fixture accentuates the verticality of the new stair openings.

At three upper floors, communal areas are positioned adjacent to the new stair. At client request, the three common zones were individually themed, providing each floor with a unique identity. These lounge and café areas provide a place of respite and refreshment during the day. The common spaces are also well-equipped for impromptu meetings with technology normally hidden behind sliding wood panels.

A warm color palette, natural materials and high attention to detail are common to all floors.

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Corporate Office Relocation
Confidential Pharmaceutical

  • Project Data
  • Client: Confidential Pharmaceutical
  • Project Size: 100,000sf
  • Location: Princeton, NJ
  • Status: Phase I and II Completed
  • Contractor: StructureTone
  • Project Team
  • Mark Duckett, Patrick McGranaghan, Brian Brooks, Sam Fletcher, Barry Ginder, Jennifer Hemphill, Rob Hibbard, Martin Majcher, Ryan Meillier, Rae Munroe, Jennifer Nye
  • Consulting Partners
  • AKF (mep), Metropolitan Acoustics (acoustics), One Lux Studio (lighting), Reuther + Bowen (structural)