Design Approach

Based on the belief that the best solutions come from passionate collaboration our team values a free exchange of ideas within a structured framework to develop innovative solutions.

The name of our firm reflects our commitment to transformational thinking.

Granum (noun): the site of the light reactions of photosynthesis in a leaf.  

The process of photosynthesis exemplifies the core principles of the Granum A/I team.  In our architecture and interior design practice we work with clients to understand their unique requirements and ambitions.  Our team responds with solutions that translate those thoughts and aspirations into environments that support business goals now and in the future.  We are focused on design excellence; client service; and sustainable relationships with our clients, colleagues, and consultants.  

Our practice is equally balanced between building design and interior architecture.  It is our belief that clients and designers alike benefit from the close collaboration that is possible only when architects and interior designers work together in a seamless collaboration.  This mode of practice is a fundamental principle of our team.  When it is necessary to include engineering and other specialty consultants on our teams, we select the best consultants for each project opportunity.  

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