We seek out current and evolving software tools, not with intent of impressing our clients, or ourselves but instead because we believe in the power of technology to transform our practice and our industry.

Our office is standardized on use of Revit® Architecture, a leading BIM (Building Information Modeling) software platform. This program enables us to develop and refine our design and facilitates communication with our partners in a way not possible in the past. We supplement Revit's® impressive capabilities with other modeling and rendering tools, including Google SketchUp, Autodesk's 3ds Max® and Rhino®.

Our firm runs these programs on high performance Dell and Apple hardware and backs up project data daily with a cloud-based storage service. All full-time employees are provided with both desktops and iPads, to ensure connectivity with project data whenever needed. With our VOIP phone service, our clients' calls are sure to reach us even when we are travelling.

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